Are you ready to create the financial wealth you desire by just being you?

The Academy where...

  • Mindset

    Get rid of those limiting beliefs stopping you from creating the financial wealth you desire.

  • Leverage

    Catapult your belief system to live your life by design, without sacrificing your happiness, purpose or who you are to do so.

  • Wealth

    Learn the financial skills you need to better manage your money. Become the Wealthy business owner you want to be.

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What you’ll get from the program…

Through our 12 weeks program you’ll (And much much much more)..

  • Get to know how to manage your money without giving up on your purpose

  • Stop changing yourself  for a person you don't like to be to be wealthy and successful

  • Experience every business makes money regardless of its field, so you can too.

  • Be able to make better money decisions

  • Get rid of those limiting beliefs that are stopping you from being your wealthy successful business owner

  • Stop feeling fear around money

  • Own your money strategy and financial situation

  • Be a magnet for your and your business absolute success.

  • Set free your business to grow as big as you desire

  • Stop feeling bad because nothing that others tell you to work with money works with you

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While here you will have an awesome experience..

You, me, an amazing community & 3 months of discovery, inspiration, learning and transformation with …

  • 30 min - Weekly teachings (And Recording available lifetime))

  • Weekly 1-hour get together session (where the real magic happens!!!)

  • Weekly Activities (Learn and action! Thats how we will make progress)

  • Life Time Access to the Member site (Where the program will be there even when you have finished it!)

  • * Enjoy all the bonuses coming! (Business Mentors, Accountants, Healers and more!!)

The Academy is opening doors...

Are you ready to enjoy your happy and wealthy life as entrepreneur?

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Meet your Coach

Alejandra Rojas - Money & Mindset Coach

Alejandra Rojas

Hi There! ⁣ ⁣ Its my pleasure to e-meet you!⁣ ⁣ I’m ALEJANDRA try to pronounce it “AH-LE-HANDRA!” ⁣ ⁣ Your Money and Mindset Coach, working with entrepreneurs to create wealth while being happy. ⁣ ⁣ I help you transform your beliefs and learn the skills you need to better manage your money, so you can attract abundance and create the life you want for you and your business.⁣

What they say?

Thanks for being so understanding, non-judgmental, brutally honest, and fun about money stuff. I feel that approach has significantly helped me to change my money behaviour....just by having someone who is real about the money issues that are common to all of us. It also makes it feel more like I can be as successful as I want to be.

Alejandra is one of the main pillars of my project. She has been there from the beginning and she has the magic to make everything easier and visual in terms of money. She is organized and made me be organized too.

Ale helped us understand our financials better throughout a potentially worrying time. We absolutely recommend Ale.

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